Your Video. Your Budget.

At Epipheo, we've designed a new way to get you the video you need at a price you can afford.


The way we usually work with clients is with a full-service, full-team approach. But we understand not everyone has the budget that accommodates that level of service. So, we've designed a process that we believe will fit your budget. You'll work with a project manager who will still guide you through the process, but essentially, you'll be writing your script and directing the animator yourself. This way, we're able to engineer most of the add'l cost out of your project.

If you're willing and able to do a bit more of the leg work, we can pair you up with a talented animator, VO artist, and project manager to create the quality video you need at a price you can afford.

Here’s What You Get

Dedicated project manager leading you through the process.

A round of revision on custom designed storyboards and style frames.

Custom deliverables based on what you can afford.

60–90 seconds of animation in a design tier that you choose.

Feedback on your script from an Epipheo creative.

Professional voiceover, sound design & royalty-free music.

5000 Videos and Counting for 1000's of Fortune 500, Startups & Nonprofits

Example Videos



As the pioneer and leader in the explainer video industry, we’ve produced over 5000 videos for over 1000 clients. Whether you need a full engagement or a streamlined process, our studio is uniquely equipped to make you an exceptional video that helps people understand your message and why it matters.

Want to Talk with Someone?

Maybe you need more than one animated explainer video. Maybe you need live action. Maybe you'd simply rather talk through it. A Video Strategist can help you figure out what sort of video solution will create an epiphany for your message. If you want to leverage our full expertise for scoping, planning, and producing a video, talk to a strategist today.


"There is no better place you can go to if you really care about expressing your vision in a clear, precise, and impactful way. They're not the cheapest, but you get what you've paid for." -- Benjamin Nolot, CEO & Founder, Exodus Cry

"Epipheo delivered incredible content that is unlike anything else on the market." -- Joel Bassam, Director of Marketing, Easterns Automotive Group

"This was the first time that I was ever engaged with a company to produce videos, and the team made me feel at ease throughout the project. Epipheo made us feel like they were more of a partner than a vendor." -- Jan Pynappel, Vice President & Senior Product Manager, Fifth Third Bank